Web Catalogue or Shop Solutions

The RS Net Web Catalogue and the RS Net Web Shop  both allow products to be displayed in useful categories of products that suit your business.

What makes  the site into a Shop?

Shops  have e-commerce solutions added.

The main difference between the two is that Shops have an additional e-commerce solution consisting of a Security Certificate and a Payment Gateway. Alternatively, Paypal can be used. The shop solution provides a module which links with these tools.

Additional features for Shops are Orders with automatic email notification to clients as the order passes through various steps until  sent  to the client.

A Reports feature allows access to data  including GST concerning orders fulfilled over various time periods

What is in a shop or a catalogue?

The Site Administator has passworded access to Products, Categories and Information page areas. Freight and Payment types, lists of shoppers, the ability to send  emails en masse, and even read in a csv of emails collected.

If more than say 200 products are  to be uploaded there is an optional Read in program  by which a csv of product information and their images can be read in - This is called a Multiple Upload Module.

Specials and Featured products can be instantly created with a simple yes/no.

Product Image Sizes and Page Formats are governed by choices in the Category Admin area - so you can ensure pages look uniform, or  can be changed to suit a  different range of products


See examples of Catalogues, Shops and Combinations