RS Net Newsletter March 2014 - Contact Nos, Upgrades,& More

The  full list of  active phone numbers and contacts for RS Net are listed at the bottom of this newsletter.
We are finally closing off our old diverted number that some of you may be still using. Please update your contacts  to use 08 7324 3024.


Privacy Legislation

Last month we dealt with the privacy legislation and we ended up sending a second Newsletter out on the subject.

We advise those of you with exiting policies to check that they are compliant with the new legislation  in that they refer to the correct consumer information etc. Here is another article for you to read by another financial spokesperson.

Those of you with on line shops should also double check your terms and conditions comply with all the wording of the new legislation.
A copy  is sitting on
We have we believe provided enough information for you to follow up and make an informed decision.

We still have some of the bulk licences available at a good saving from the regular price. 


Updating your websites.

There has been an issue where updates of IE have broken the WYSIWYG in places.
An update has sorted this out so let us know if you need the new upgrade
We are also contacting many of you to bring your websites up to date with a more modern technology.

As with most products each new version sorts out old issues and improves security.


Want to make Upgrade Savings?

Save with a package deal of  Privacy and a basic Upgrade in one.

Contact Garry, Sean or Margaret.


Update on Staff at RS Net

Merv is to have a hip replacement done on April 9th and will be out of action at least till after Easter when he will be back on deck part time.
The image shows his latest shape! Still losing weight gently! Down to 54% of his starting weight!


If you already have issues that need his attention, could you please alert us ASAP.
We appreciated your consideration last time.

RS Net will still be working on your projects, so getting your job into the queue  now will make sure it continues to progress while he is out of action.




The RS Net Team wishes  you all a Happy Easter
and hope you get the chance to enjoy  a break!




Margaret Renton  0408 022 420 and 08 7324 3024

Merv Renton  08 7324 3024

Garry Hinitt   0419 641 322

Sean McLoughlin  0488 505 840

Fax    08 8363 3398