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RS Net Content Managers

At RS Net we offer a full range of Content Managers that Plug In to our CMS Solutions.  

Some CMS modules are supplied in the various packages, but new modules can be purchased at any time by contacting your Account Manager.

If you have ideas that are not yet part of our CMS stable then we can create the module and make it work as you envisage. This is called custom CMS work and attracts an extra development fee, but you can be assured that it will do what you requested.



Our Managers Already Include

  1. Album Replicator Manager - This manager allows the upload of a set of managers using ANY managers the site has available.
  2. Background Content Manager - This manager allows a background to be specified for some or all of a page.
  3. Border Manager -This manager allows a Border and background (Plain Coloured) to be specified for other Content Managers.
  4. Date Modified - This manager automatically displays the date the current page was saved, in normal or small text.
  5. Email Disguised Manager -  This manager creates an email form. The To: email address is not shown on the page so spammers cannot harvest it. A button or word link opens up the email form.
  6. Expiring Content Manager - This manager is used when a section of a web page or the entire web page has content that will expire on a stated future date.
  7. FAQ Manager - This manager allows the user to create a series of Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ) and their answers.
  8. File Download Manager - - This manager allows Site Administrators to select a file from their local PC/Network and create a link on the current page to enable that file to be downloaded from the site. The file is uploaded as the link is created.
  9. Graphic Effects Manager - (see Example)
  10. Grid Content Manager - This manager allows Site Administrators to create variable-dimensioned grids to layout page content.
  11. Image Gallery Manager - This manager allows the Site Administrator to upload an a set of images .  The images arrange themselves in rows and columns automatically, making a gallery layout.
  12. Marquee Content Manager -  See the top of the page. This manager allows the user enter text to be displayed, width of the display, plus colour, size and bold properties of the text.
  13. Media Content Manager Media Content Manager - This manager allows users to insert videos, animations, and sound files into their web pages.
  14. RSS Feed Manager -  This manager is short for (Really Simple Syndication) and allows your site to display fresh themed content from RSS News, Sport and industry Feeds on the web that updates itself automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  15. Secure Group Users Manager - Clubs will find this useful for memebers only
  16. Standard WYSIWYG HTML Content-Manager -  This manager stands for What You See Is What You Get and allows sections to be added to pages configured for it. Each section can have any/all of Headings, Text, Graphic, in a variable relationship. |
  17. Social Networking Managers -  See this feature in the footer of this page and click on the various links.


These are only a few of the dozens of different modules already created!


So Many - are you confused? Well don't be!


When you decide what you want your website to do RS Net will select the modules that you need, and if we don't have exactly what you require we will for a development fee, create it for you!


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