The FAQ module

RS Net's Frequently Asked Questions module is  a real time saver.

Rather than having to juggle answers on the page, all you need to do is write the question in one half and the answer in the other and then Press ADD to save it, and prepare it for the next line.

Look at the questions in the module image, then click on a question to see the answer below.

A module that links questions and answers automatically.
Yes, but for a limited time until Christmas, RS Net will reduce the price to $88.
Anyone who has upgraded since July 1st can have the module on request. Those about to upgrade can have it included at no cost when they pay the upgrade fee.

Why use an FAQ module?

Writing questions and answers can be done using the WYSIWYG, but is more fiddly than the special purpose module.
And you don't get the special hide/reveal effect as the questions are ticked.