WebBrochure Solution

(5 Pages Only)

The RS Net WebBrochure solution enables you to get your business online quickly and at a budget price.  We will use one of our existing design templates that suit your business branding (logo).  We will add your logo and build your home page and Contact Us page.

The RS Net WebBrochure allows for up to 5 pages where the name of the menus can be changed and switched off but not removed.

The RS Net WebBrochure - a Content Managed Solution (CMS), uses a sub domain web address (ie. businessname.webbrochure.com.au).

So how does this work?

There is no custom design work done in a Web Brochure Solution.  Your Account Manager will choose the appropriate design for you with your colours and business  in mind.

  • You can only use the existing 5 pages, but you can turn some off if you wish.  It is possible to purchase more pages.
  • We will supply a sub domain web address as mentioned above and/or you can use a purchased domain name which is forwarded to your sub-domain address. If you would like  a full domain name, your RS Net Account Manager will be happy to help you.

Content managers are designed to allow users to maintain the content and look and feel of their site without needing to use HTML commands. The special Content Managers obey site look and feel parameters.

RS Net provides the following content manager options.

  • Page Maintenance and Menu Maintenance Modules - Site Administrators can edit and switch off pages, maintain the content of pages and determine the relationship of pages to each other in the menu.
  • Vertical Replication Module - This Module enables the Site Administrator to replicate other content managers to allow the creation of more complex content and layout via repetitions. Vertical Replication is unlimited. Just imagine that you are adding paragraphs to an essay or a letter.
  • The Single Section  Content-Manager Module with HTML as WYSIWYG 
    What a mouthful! Put simply, this is a module which allows you to
    • create a heading (Select font size and position on the page with a click of buttons)
    • add an image
      Uploading an image is a very simple task - all you need to do is make sure it is not too large - after all you do not want to slow access to your site. The wonderful technology allows the website software to adjust the size of the picture to your command using the RS Net Graphic Optimiser technology.
      • Choose the size for your picture,
      • Browse to the list of images on your drive,
      • Select it by double-clicking on the file name and there it is.
    • type into a text box in plain language. (In the background, however, the program busily translates your font sizes and use of colour into the language of the Internet and you do not need to know anything about it!) With this module, you will really be able to impress your colleagues when you say I did this myself!
  • Spacer Manager Module This module allows a vertical space to be placed between  other content managers in use, improving the layout.
  • Metatags & Title Content Manager Module - This Module lets you create HTML Metatags for Search engines. Your RS Net trainer will help you understand the importance and the process of metatags and search engines to increase the findability of your website and how you can maximise these opportunities
  • Site Search Module - This allows searching in Page Data, Links, File-Names and other content. Results Page/s are generated with Links to the pages the data was found on. 
    A Search box is placed in the navigation area.
    A Search Resultspage will show all results and a click on the link will take you to that spot

In addition to these modules, there are a huge number of other modules to be purchased which will enhance and increase the complexity of your website.

Your RS Net Account Manager will discuss your needs with you, and can even point you to a customised solution which will meet them. Our programmers are very good at making things happen just so! Mind you, at this stage it may be more economical to consider a larger website. You can up[grade at any time!

Below you will find a sample of the web brochure sites. The shell was created by our team, and the client had a brief training and then used the manual to compete the site to their specifications. 

The images have been collated using an Album Manager  and  a hyperlink module to jump to the sites. These are available for purchase on RS Net sites.

Swampys Naracoorte & Kingston SE - fishing & rod buildingBrighton Tackle & BaitChris Proud Services - tool repairers & agents
Electrical AllsortsEnergy & Information CentreSouth Coast Bottle & Can  Co Victor Harbor
Lehmann Ceilings at Camden ParkMACSHEDS of Mount GambierMcLAren Vale Tanks - extra page purchased
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