RS Newsletter January 2014

Happy Australia Day!

Welcome to 2014! It is a bit old hat now and resolutions have probably been made and possibly already discarded, but there is a bright new year ahead for all of us!


RS Net received the following article in a recent Newsletter from Bartercard and the message is such that I thought it should be passed on!  I have reprinted the first paragraph and given you the working link to read more.


Sitting is the new smoking!

Written by Emily Johnson on January 15th, 2014. 

This is a bold statement but according to Dr Helena Popovic,
if you sit for 11 or more hours a day you have a 40% higher chance of dying early.

This is quite a scary thought, so what do we need to do?



Time to give your web site a makeover!

  1. RS Net is continually developing new features for individual clients which then are placed in the data base of modules to be used by the next requestee.

    One such item relates to shops and catalogues where a facebook link to your facebook page is added to the navigation block. 

    Normally this is an area where only programmers dare to tread, but this module is being developed so it is editable by your trained web worker.

    If this interests you, then please let us know. It retails at $88.00.

  2. Updating/upgrading your website
    Here are some scenarios for you to think about.
    • If you began working with our team up to 10 years ago, and you have not changed the site's look in all that time, are you getting the most from your web brochure /presence / site/ catalogue or shop?
    • If you haven't added new images in 5 - 10 years are you showing  your clients the best of your business?
    • If the site fills a wide screen because you first bought the website when screens were only 1000 pixels, what message are you giving your clients and competitors?

Your website needs to be vibrant, up to date, and reflect your current trading. It works 24/7/365.

All it costs you  annually is the hosting and some time!

We all need makeovers to look our best, and so does your site! 


What can you do

  1. Look at the various designs in the RS Net website. 

    Full websites, Shops & Catalogues , Combined Shops & Catalogues

    See what can be achieved with just the Graphic Effects feature, or some  new designs
  2. Check out your competitors!
  3. Call your sales account person and chat to them. 

    Merv or Margaret at RS Net 08 7324 3024 

    Garry Hinitt 0419 641 322 

    Sean McLoughlin 0488 505 840 

Promotion from web brochure or webpresence starts from $495 and in this you get all the  modules you previously purchased updated to 2013-2014 versions!

This is not a one off - this is the base price!


An Important Heads Up!

There are important changes to Web Privacy Laws coming into effect on March 12th, 2014 and it affects most online interactions from email to website contact forms etc and e-commerce.
Most of our clients are affected in one way or another.
If you are and you don't have a compliant website or email Privacy Policy, there may be a risk of a fine.

Information can be found at the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)

It looks pretty complex on the OAIC website - we plan to simplify it for you!

RS Net is currently looking at how this affects our client's websites and email and how we can make it easy for you to get the appropriate privacy policies in place with a minimum of trouble, time and cost.

An extraordinary Newsletter will be sent out in mid February with more information.





We at RS Net are looking forward to working with you more! 

Welcome to 2014!