RS Newsletter October 2013



 RS Net says: "Update your website for Christmas - get more traffic!"

Did you know there are only 8 weeks left till the Silly Season is in full swing?

Time to update your website to get more business!

RS Net is giving you the chance to purchase a website
FAQ module for half price as our Xmas special.

(Does not suit Shops/Catalogues - you have to do it manually there at present.) 

Why the FAQ module?

A good question!.  

A recent Google update called Hummingbird has talked about semantic searches.

What is a Semantic Search?
A semantic search occurs when people write questions to get their answers rather than relying only on keywords.

So instead of asking Google etc for CMS Adelaide - you might ask: Who does CMS websites in Adelaide?

If your website is set up to catch these questions, you will be more findable.
You will also be giving the prospective client what they want - the answer to their question.

The FAQ module is set up to do this. An example has been put on the RS Net website.

RS Net has priced the FAQ Module at $88 (down from $165) until year end.

It will be added at no cost to all upgrades during this period too! 

What does semantic search mean for your site?
Plan to add at least another page where these everyday spoken questions can be answered? You know your business. 

What do people ask you on the phone and in emails?  

Semantic Search and Mobile Users
Did you know that this is also a good way to get the mobile business too?
More and more, people choose to speak their questions - much more efficient for a mobile phone query.
On most recent model mobiles there is a microphone added. Try it for yourself.




Useful image editing resource




Merv came across the site recently. It is currently a beta site and free, and is definitely worth checking out.  

It has a detailed tutorial. You drop your image in the box on the  link and then follow the easy steps.



About RS Net Staff

And finally, a bit of news about Merv. Those of you who dealt with him in the early days of your contact with us will remember him as a very big man.

For the past 2 years Merv has been deliberately changing his lifestyle, and gone from 7-8XL to a single X - a massive achievement.  
As a result of  this weight loss he is having surgery on Friday, but expects to be back on deck later next week.

Margaret will still be answering phones, but would appreciate if concerns could be emailed for a few days next week where possible.

The image below the only photo taken at TIA where Merv addressed  members about  our web system.
More information can be found on our Facebook page




RS Net Contact Numbers

Want to know more about the FAQ module, then call 

 Merv or Margaret at RS Net 
08 7324 3024 

or Garry Hinitt 0419 641 322 
or Sean McLoughlin 0488 505 840