RS Net provides a complete solution for a website owner.

RS Net has been developed as a consulting company assisting businesses with their web needs including e-business planning, site development, security, content management and marketing.

RS Net provides a complete solution for a website owner including:

  • Hosting
    -an RS Net site is a specialised situation. Not all ISPs are prepared to host this style of site. Please ask for more information about your options if you wish to host away from the preferred suppliers.
  • Training 
    RS Net has experienced trainers to make sure you understand how the website works.
    • Training sessions are tailored to the style of web solution chosen and have a minimum of 2 hours for the basic webpresence, and 4 or more for other web solutions.
    • Training is done at your pace and spread over 2 sessions if over  the minimum 2 hours to give you a chance to absorb the session.
    • Inexperienced computer and/or internet users can have confidence that they will understand what to do with their website or that they can ring for further help.
    • Opportunities are given to build or edit pages, and work on the important metatags.
    • Extra sessions can be purchased any time. In fact, later training sessions can be used to both learn and upgrade the site at the same time - a huge opportunity to learn and achieve those changes.
  • Improving your Search Engine rating
    - Whether you have one of RS Net's web solutions or not, we can help you maximise your current finadability on the Internet.
  • Custom Programming
    - Sometimes your business requires a solution that cannot be supplied directly from one of our library solutions or custom designs. There are times when clients have specific needs for their website functionality. Please enquire about these needs. RS Net's programmers have the ability to make many of these solutions at a very competitive programming price.
  • Building your website
    - If you feel intimidated about building your website for the first time, do not  be dismayed. RS Net can build your pages for you at a price and then make sure you can edit them for the future.
  • Statistics.
    -Each solution  comes with the ability to track internet visitors and most visited pages - a great tool to help you get the most out of your investment.