Web Site / Catalogue/ Shop

Combined Solutions from RS Net

Sometimes it is more effective  to have more than one  websolution.

A website with a catalogue gives you the opportunity to explain your business and your products  and  also display products in a catalogue. It is possible for items to fall into more than one category and the RS Net solution allows you to quickly  add an extra category to your product information, so only ONE entry needs to be made per product. It is also possible to add accessory style products to this record - so if a car part is required it will also suggest other parts that tie in with it.  We feel sure you will be impressed with Prestige Trophy.

A website with a shop is just one step further - a shopping cart is added.  See Outlaw Speed as an example of a large combined website and shop or Barlow Shoes as a smaller version

A catalogue plus an onsite shop is another possibility where clients can have the choice of just making enquiries about one group of products while being able to purchase other items on line.

A website with a questionnaire

Solutions from RS Net can be combined and added to at any time. Start with a Web Presence - upgarde to to a Full Site, add a Catalogue or a Shop or both. It is totally flexible and is mostly dependent on your ideas and your budget

Please read about the features for each option - the website, the online catalogue and the online shop as these will still be available for each combination of solutions.

Clients can be assured that moving up or across to another solution allows you to grow with your business without having to start again. Another of the great advantages of content-mananged solutions from RS Net.


Power Brakes - website & shopPrestige Trophy- website & catalogueOutlaw Speed - Website & Shop

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