WebSite Solution

A Web site solution from RS Net (based in Adelaide, South Australia) has unlimited pages. 

It begins with a basic set of module managers, that can be expanded to suit your needs and budget.  A library design means that it falls within our non-custom solutions. You can have your choice of design or designer, your business fonts, logos and your corporate image incorporated into this solution. However, it must fit our design parameters.  It is made up of  Content Managers that are

  • full HTML Content Manager for site developer or experienced user
  • designed to allow users to maintain the content and look and feel of their site without needing to use HTML commands. The special Content Managers obey site look and feel parameters specified in discussions with the project manager

Page Maintenance and Menu Maintenance Modules
Site Administrators can add/edit/delete pages, maintain the content of pages and determine the relationship of pages to each other in the menu.

Vertical Replication Module
This Module enables the Site Administrator to replicate other content managers to allow the creation of more complex content and layout via repetitions. Vertical Replication is unlimited. A vertical replactor is like a blank page for you to write  an essay about your business and each module used is another paragraph telling your story. So simple!

A typical page nested in the Vertical replicator may include some of the following:

  • Metatags Content Manager Module
    This Module enables the Site Administrator to create Metatags for Search Engines, maximising the website's findability when someone uses google or similar. Your RS Net trainer will explain this process and guide you in creating suitable metatags.
  • Single Section Module
    A combination module including a header, an image and text. We refer to this as a Single section as it allows these 3 modules to be added to the page and placed to suit  the page while being an all-in-one module.  The text can be plain as in a notepad environment, use html if you are familiar with it, or what we call a whizzywig which has an automatic translation of plain language into html - you can treat it like a word processing page - and it automatically adds your font and colour choices, links etc.
  • Image Content Manager Module - Images are resized and optimised when uploaded - whether part of the Single Section module or a stand alone image module.
    The standalone image modules can have other features added - popups, rollovers etc, and can form part of sophisticated galleries - these are at an additional cost
  • Spacer Manager Module 
    This module allows the Site Administrator to put vertical and horizontal space between the other content managers in use, improving the layout.
  • Graphic Optimiser Module
    This Module enables the Site Administrator upload graphics to their site that will be automatically optimised in size to suit the website.  This has been described above  in the image module
  • Site Search Module 
    This allows searching in Page Data, Links, File-Names and other content. Results Page/s are generated with Links to the pages the data was found on.
  • Header Content Manager Module 
    This Module enables the Site Administrator to create Header-style text to be added to the page, and is included in the Single Section or wherever header text is needed.
  • Hyperlink & Email Link Content Manager Module 
    This Module allows the Site Administrator to specify a Mailto: link for immediate popup of a site visitor's e-mail client or a http link to another site or within the Site Administrators site, without needing html.
  • Links Manager from Page List Module 
    This module allows Site Administrators to select a page from a list of the existing pages of the site and create a link on the current page that points to the selected page.


In addition to these modules, there are a huge number of other modules which will enhance and increase the complexity of your website. Your RS Net Account Manager will discuss your needs, and you can add new modules at any time to your website.

The best part of working with RS Net is that if  the module you need for your site is not yet available, our talented programmers can make it happen!


Below are some of the websites you can access  to see how our techology works.



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