RS Net's Online Data Backup

Automatic -  Secure - Reliable - Economical


You need RS Net Online Data Backup NOW!

From small businesses to large corporations, the critical task of PC backup can be an expensive and challenging endeavor.  Fortunately, RS Net has made data  backup possible for everyone with its affordable, secure online solution that is simple to manage and even easier to use.  Whether you are the office manager of a small law firm, retail outlet, trades person, or the IT manager of a large company, RS Net on-line data backup is your solution for secure remote data backup.

As a small, medium or large enterprise you will appreciate the way RS Net on-line data backup seamlessly integrates into your organisation's existing infrastructure, and your finance department will appreciate the fact that RS Net on-line data backup doesn't require any additional capital expense for tapes, CDs, or hardware.

And the backup is Automatic, Reliable, Secure, Private and Economical.

Some facts you should know?

  • Up to 80% of a company's business critical data resides on a PC (Gartner/IDC)
  • Around 70% of companies go out of business after a major data loss (Source, DTI)
  • 32% of data loss is due to user error (Source, Gartner Group)
  • 10% of laptops are stolen annually (Source, Gartner Group)
  • 15% of laptops suffer hardware failure annually (Source, Gartner Group)

Simple data recovery costs can range from $500 through to tens of thousands of dollars!

The loss of income and ongoing costs while you wait for your business to resume can be even larger!

RS Net's easy-to-use interface was designed with the "non-tech-savvy" user in mind.  It's as simple as selecting the files to back up, scheduling the times, and letting RS Net do the rest. The data is secure and your privacy is protected by industrial-strength 448 Blowfish Encryption.

There are a range of RS Net Online Data Backup options to choose, all competitively priced:

For example:
1 PC/Laptop licence and 5Gb of data costs only $15.40 a month.
1 Server licence and 10Gb of data costs only $29.80 a month.

*There may be a Setup Fee.
** The Minimum Package is 12 months.
*** Some ISPs charge for uploads so check you have the most suitable Internet package.


To find out more, please contact RS Net on 08 7324 3024