RS Net Newsletter June - Security & Upgrades

Hello Everyone!


RS Net staff are finally emerging from the shadow of the hack attack. We have strengthened our systems against future attacks and have created systems to report how often attack attempts happen and what they are trying to do. There are hack attempts quite a few times a day, as expected these days.

Measures we have taken to protect all of our businesses include decommissioning the attacked server, moving everyone to a new more secure environment, adding more sophisticated anti-hacker protection to our program code and putting some webshops and catalogues on an external server. We are still researching where to best place all of your sites for best long-term reliability and security.



If at any time in the future, we have a serious problem with delivering websites or emails, we will table it on our Facebook page. May we recommend that you bookmark it for future reference?



Preview sites are now password protected, whereas before the passwords were applied only when going live and many older sites never had this privacy protection. If you have a site in preview then please send Margaret an email to get the password.



Stats were a casualty of the hackers and we now have password-protected current stats available since sites were restored. It may be possible to restore older stats, but this is a secondary concern. Your stats mostly have the same password as Build. If you cannot get your stats at all, then please email with this information.



We are still getting occasional reports that some parts of some sites are not behaving as you expect. Although you have previously sent it in, would you please re-iterate what still needs to be done if there is still a problem? Please be explicit so we get it done faster without having to research what you mean by ' the page doesn't look right...'.



As you are aware, most who were affected by the hack event have had a partial site upgrade so your site will run on the new server. For many sites there are still useful features and functions that we can add for a complete upgrade to make your site work and/or look better. We have a SPECIAL Upgrade Price Reduction until end of July for customers affected by the hack outage - the cost to complete the process is now $330. (quite a saving on the normal $495.00 cost).

We will start work again soon to finish the mobile responsive features of our websites. That extra feature has been put on the back burner while we sort out all the issues related to getting sites working again. 
Please note, clients whose upgrades were completed before the hack attack were not affected by it at all.

This is a great time to look at your site critically and make sure it is promoting you and your business well in 2014-15. Many sites still reflect styles and features of  the 2000's and will greatly benefit from a new look and new features.


SCAMMERS, and domain names

Several clients have checked with us after receiving letters about renewing domains. If you normally renew with us, then just ignore their letters and emails. Scan them and send them through to us if you are unsure.

If you are looking after your own domain name, then make certain you have got the latest email address on the domain records. Some clients have found they have been expired as the old email address was never updated, the staff member moved on, the original reseller went out of business etc..

Unlike RS Net, the large registrars rely solely on your vigilance and do not follow up address changes etc.



RS Net has a fair use policy, and allows users to have occasional extra amounts of  emails in your mailbox, but if you leave them there permanently, this accumulated data storage needs to be paid for and we will increase your hosting fee.

We recommend that you reduce your email data storage by moving items out of the INBOX and into separate local folders thus cutting down the amount of data you are storing on our servers. Several clients have saved money by doing this.



When staff members leave, do you have a routine where a mail box is deleted, or the mailbox data is re-routed to another user? Have you also protected your business by changing the account password so old logins do not work - eg if it was on a private laptop or home PC etc?.



The 2013-2014 Financial Year is just closing. May we wish you a very good and prosperous start to the new one.


Margaret Renton  0408 022 420 and 08 7324 3024

Merv Renton  08 7324 3024

Garry Hinitt   0419 641 322

Sean McLoughlin  0488 505 840

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