Name change announcement!

Former business name

PO Box 325, Kilkenny, SA 5009

P: 08 7324 3024
M: 0408 022 420

6th February 2013



Firstly our best wishes to you all for a safe and prosperous New Year!


For the past few months, we have been trying to find a new name for our business, realising that the current one is a bit too cumbersome and not easy to say or remember. We were also seeking a more updated look.

From the 1st day of February mwRenton webSolutions (or perhaps better known as Renton Solutions) has become ...

RS Net - new business name

How does this affect you?

Only administration and communications change. Please see below.

New email addresses margaret is now All other email addresses here follow the same format. The old ones are still active for now.

Change of bank account name to RS NET - this is shown on invoices and the account number has not changed. Please update any automated Bill Payment details.

Paying by credit card is still not possible - we are still working through this and our name change may have delayed it somewhat. We will send out an email when it is set up.


How can we help you BENEFIT MORE from your website?

Upgrading your site to the most recent version and/or making sure it is performing well is highly recommended.
We have new features:

  • Social navigation
  • Many different varieties of image galleries to display your images at their best.
  • Better metatag modules to help with search engine activity and
  • A range of plans to improve your Search Engine rankings and bring more site visitors.

We plan to send out emails more often to keep you in touch with new developments including new features available for your web sites or web shops as they are developed.

Please contact us or your current account manager for more information.

Margaret Renton
Proprietor RS Net

P.S. The best thing YOU can do for your web site is to update it regularly with new text and photos showing new products, services and activities. Add more pages, as sites with more pages get more traffic. This will bring more visitors and more business! Ask your account manager or call us for assistance with this if you need it.