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Internet Marketing is one of the most effective ways to optimise your web presence and increase the traffic to your site. At RS Net we ensure that all our clients are aware of the improvements that can be made to their business by increasing their online profile.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO is fast becoming one of the most important web tools we can offer our clients. It is our guarantee that when people conduct searches for products or services that relate to your business you will rank highly in the search engine.

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At RS Net we provide all our clients with a range of options for internet marketing, from sponsored ads through to SEO and free business listingsRS Net will work with you to determine the most appropriate option to increase your business's online success.



Industrial Gaskets - as words get to the top, new ones are being worked on
Industrial Gaskets SEO success


In case you were wondering why there aren't the 56 no 1s as spruiked in the right block, this is the condensed view. The expanded view where those 56 were found takes 3 -4 PC screens to show just the top 10 in this case - it looks at every page where that keyword set is used. Industrial Gaskets is a catalogue site, and together we decide on what is next for special attention.


Below is the table as shown in the May newsletter. Click on it and see the great results achieved by this client.



Fewer keywords being reported on but over 30 are no 1s in the expanded view.
So many no 1 places