RS Newsletter - September 2013


Brand SA logo being used by RS Net

Are you eligible to use Brand SA?

Here is the link


Merv and I visited this site and were granted the right very promptly. There was no cost. RS Net will use it on stationery, our website, Facebook page, South Australian Locality Lists as a start.

We have also used it on our pull up banner (see below).


It can help promote your business as a genuine SA Entity. 




The Importance of Business Directories

 Every year, we all get bombarded with people selling space on Business Directories.

Do you know why they are important to your business?

If used properly, they can  allow more people to find you, if you have up to date links  for your website and email. They provide backlinks  to your website, something that SEO people are always talking about. The more ways that lead to your website the better.

But there can be a downside!

Have you ever tried to change an address or a phone number or add a website address.  Even if you know who to contact, getting the changes reflected promptly is often  just too hard. The directories become dated.

But what if you could manage it yourself?

What if you could have your own login, password and the right to change the content any where and any time? And you understood how to do it without being a guru? And there was someone to help if needed.

The Business Directories created by RS Net allow this!

  • No cost is involved at this time! 
  • No limit to your pages - just  login and add more categories yourself
  • Instructions are clear and findable
  • Contact us and we will upgrade your listings to GOLD for best performance at NO COST. Gold Listings get a current WYSIWYG, metatag module, space for a logo, and 2 images for each category. Each page is a category.
  • Add yourself to a regional list first (if available) and you will be automatically uploaded to the state list (only available in SA at this time).
  • Make your changes as and when needed! No need to call RS Net unless you have mislaid the login information
  • Leaving one region for another? Just call us - we can move it same day
  • Only businesses and organisations with offices in the regions are included - they are genuinely local.
  • Tell others about it
Are you on the Locality List?
Some of you will have been added earlier when the Locality Lists were first started. Do check your entry for currency!
And do make the most of it for your business.
See if others in your industry are there. 
Interstate single region Locality Lists

In addition to the existing Queensland and Western Australia Locality Lists, RS Net have also launched one for New South Wales and Victoria for businesses with operations in that state. We are currently working towards one for the ACT and Tasmania also. Just type the


Business directories are there to promote your business. Make sure you keep it/them updated!


Remember, your website and directory entries are your silent sales partners 24/7.

They need to reflect your current business.

Call one of the  RS Net team for advice on upgrading and updating your website economically.


Garry Hinitt   0419 641 322

Sean McLoughlin  0488 505 840

Margaret Renton  0408 022 420

Merv Renton  08 7324 3024


Enjoy the Spring weather!


Margaret & Merv


RS Net website
(All Locality Lists can be accessed from here) 

Brand SA Registration