RS Net Newsletter April - Social networking, upgrades, SEO & more

How do I connect my web site or shop to my Social Networking pages?

  • Allow clients to link to their own Social networking pages

    Over the past few weeks we have had several enquiries re connecting your website and Facebook pages.   We have a module used for both shops and websites which allows people to go their own page or link back to your pages - the Social Networking Module - $220
  • Linking your Facebook page to your shop or catalogue.

    In shops and catalogues text links can be added on the home page, but if you want an image as most do, it needs to be placed in the navigation area which you normally cannot access.
    RS Net has developed a special feature for $88 which allows you to use images and links in the navigation area - for blogs, Facebook, Pinterest etc. Please talk to your sales rep or call Margaret on 0408022420
  • Websites and Facebook links

    All that is required here is the hyperlink module utilising the image link module. Your clients then just click on the facebook image and are taken immediately to your facebook page. Most sites have this capability already. 
    The same feature  can be used to link any of your social networking sites.

    To see how it works, please go to and click on the Facebook icon.

SEO and your web site.

We have been contacted by businesses on behalf of our clients and our clients directly. RS Net do provide an SEO service which includes working on specific keywords on your website, improving your pages.

RS Net does not lock you in for more than 6 months after which it is your choice to continue with us or not. There is an initial cost of $660-$880 depending on whether you have an RS Net content-managed site or some other technology.

Depending on the number of keywords you want promoted, your monthly cost does not exceed $330 for 20 keyword sets. If you wish to see more about the costings, then please contact Margaret on 0408 022 420 or send an email to

Heartbleed SSL Vulnerability

You may have read and heard about this issue which affects Web Shops with SSL certificates and mail servers that use SSL certificates for connection security. Due to a bug in the SSL software itself hackers might be able to get access to otherwise encrypted information.

A careful system check shows:

Our Main Web Server for SSL is running a non-vulnerable version of the SSL software, so our Web Shops are not affected by the problem.

Our Mail Server did not have the vulnerable feature enabled, so it too was not affected. We have now upgraded the mail server with the updated SSL version to be sure all is OK.

We will keep a close watch on future developments and apply any further software updates as we always do, several times a week. 

Upgrading your website!

Your web site or web shop represents your business ansd is a silent sales partner for you 24/7/365. In the same way you need to keep your shop front vibrant and reflecting your current business thrust, so too you need to keep up your website.

A client casting an eye across your site makes a judgement about your capability to serve their needs. Does your website reflect your business today? Does it look tired? Behind the times? Showing older stock? Older service technology? Are your images too small? Dated? Is your text well written and SEO-worthy?

You may be on the web, but are you sending the right impressions to prospective clients?   

Privacy statements

As we have been discussing the new Privacy legislation with clients we have heard some say, I'll make it up or copy and paste. Legal 123 who supplied our Privacy licences are running monthly checks across the Net to pick up this activity. 

We still have more licences available. 

Are you guarding against malicious Mobile Apps

More people are using more mobile devices for moere purposes and hackers are creating more bad apps that capture personal and business information. This is the next bog hacker growth area. 

Make sure you have a reputable security system installed on your phone/tablet, etc to scan apps as you install/upgrade them and watch out for problem web pages and emails etc.
e.g. we use and recommend Lookout mobile security on our Android phones. 

And finally Staff News...

Thankyou All for your concern and well wishes. Merv is home and working part time between exercises, walking and resting. We are very pleased with the result of his hip replacement! 

The RS Net Team wishes all Mums a Happy Mother's Day!


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