RS Net August Newsletter

Hello Everyone!

This is a bit different to other newsletters we have sent, but we are responding to client concerns.




Don't be tricked into buying Domains you don't want!

Letters from Domain Resellers...

Several clients reported that they were sent  letters about domains. They are sometimes hoping to catch you in a moment of inattention. Check the domain name carefully. Is it exactly what you expect? Does it have an extra letter? Is it a dot com or a dot net, not an au etc? Are they selling or renewing? Often they are tricking you into buying a new domain with a document that looks like a renewal of your old one.

These domain names are out there to be purchased, and these letters offer them for $200 plus for 2 years. They do register the name for you, but at a much higher cost. Do you really want that domain?

If you are at all uncertain please ring us and let us check it for you. If your domain names are renewed through RS Net, then you can relax.

If you would like to take up the name offered, come back to RS Net and ask us to purchase it for you through our account.

Sometimes  it is useful to have the various name options in your control whether used or not. It stops others getting your business with a similar domain name. Some can also be useful as parked domains that also link to your website or shop.



Backup Woes!

3 clients just this month had disk failures.

One had a mirrored drive and was able to get  his server  going again, another, was able to  reinstall  his work on the laptop and keep going after delays

A third had to wait until the exact drive could be sourced before a recovery was even attempted - so was missing  documents and emails for quite some time.

Backing up is an important part of everyone's business. You can use a variety of methods - external drives, DVDs and similar.

What you cannot rely on is having only one copy of your data. 
Other types of backup can fail too. If a thief goes off with your computer, they can also grab  external drives and software. A fire, a burnt out component, a brownout - are you safeguarded against these possibilities?

Using a flash drive is fine for transport purposes but as a backup, it is fraught with issues from  just stopping, to being damaged as someone removes it roughly, shorting out, physical damage.

How often should you backup? How often do you change file content?

The answer should be "daily" and for some "several times" !

How would you feel if you lost the day's work?

To be sure that your business will be less inconvenienced because you had a problem and your data has gone, you need several backups and they should be removed from the vicinity. Take them home. Put  them in a fireproof safe, just don't keep them together with your originals. Theft and fire don't discriminate, they take the lot!


How would it affect your business if your hard drive failed?

You could not access your emails, documents and accounting data.

RS Net's internal business operation (as opposed to the webhosting etc) would not be much inconvenienced. By getting a new drive, reinstalling the programs, and uploading all our needed data from the off site online backup service, we would be up and away in no time.

RS Net uses and supplies an online backup service.

What are the advantages? From OUR OWN perspective:

  • If  a file is accidentally deleted, I can get it back in 24 hours.  
  • Changes are backed up several times a day. Full monthly backups and weekly backups are available. 
  • If my hard drive fails, I can get a new drive and recover from my backup quickly
  • My letters, images, bank papers, emails, MYOB etc - whatever I selected as important to backup is available 24/7
The service starts at $22.50 a month for  the workstation licence and 5Gb of data. Further data costs $9.50 per 5Gb.
Get a reliable automated backup for much less than the cost of the time for a person to spend unreliably backing up!
When you look at the cost and time spent waiting for the data to be recovered from your damaged drive, it is  much higher than just the  recovery service of $990 as charged by our upline contacts.
How many months of backups could you purchase for this amount?

Have a look at the Online backup information

If you are not sure about your backups, then please call 


  Merv or Margaret at RS Net 08 7324 3024 

or Garry Hinitt 0419 641 322 
or Sean McLoughlin 0488 505 840