Images and Google


Merv and I read with interest recently an article about the importance of using images on Google.

It starts off saying:

The latest search engine updates have recently made it very clear that the less images you have on your website, the more Google will ignore you.

This underlines the  message RS Net had in its recent Newsletters. Just look around you - wherever you go someone is taking happy snaps of anything and everything from a plate of food to an incredible sunset. Images mean something to us and these days it is easy to share.

We all know the web is a visual medium, we have all heard that a picture is worth a 1000 words, and it does affect visitors on your site.

Are your images relevant, of a suitable size for the modern wide screen, are they annotated with alternate text, so the search engines and the visually impaired can read or hear your message.

When you add an image to Facebook, you give it context by explaining where, what and  why and with whom you took the photo - you are annotating it and giving it meaning.

The same process needs to be done on your website. Explain what it is illustrating & why it  is important to your visitors.

So where do you find your images?

  • Collect your own
    If someone in the workplace is a keen snapper, you can take photos of  the workplace, in situ jobs, off site jobs, the finished product or a step by step process. Start collecting them, there will come a time when you will be glad you did. Annotate them while you remember the details.
  • Free stock images
    Look at the free stock image data bases mentioned in the last newsletter  They are on the RS Net website too and others are mentioned  in the article above.

How can multiple images be displayed?

Once you have your images how will you display them. Image Galleries are a great way to go and allow you to use  multiple images. Talk to your sales representatives about the image galleries (we have several versions!), or linked galleries. There are some with special effects, scrolling,etc

Sharing the images on your site.

BY THE WAY: Have you added a Facebook or social networking module to your site yet?

Do website visitors have the option to share your pages with friends?

Call us or your RS Net sales representative to get assistance with your Images, Facebook, Social Networking, etc.


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