RS Newsletter November-December 2013

Christmas greeting from the RS Net Team


Aerial Photography Opportunity

RS Net received an email from Aerial Impressions just this week. If you are interested  there is still time to make a booking. 

RS Net is in no way connected to this and receives no remuneration of any kind from Aerial Impressions!

We have extended the aerial photography offer for just a few more days .. Dont miss out..

Aerial Impressions will be photographing properties, businesses and homes 
Within 150km of Adelaide 

This Monday 16th Dec

30+ various images, custom shot to order, and delivered digitally on copyright free DVD rom 
Only $329 Inc GST

Dont delay .. either CALL 1800 237 427  or 
Samples and online bookings at

Book online using discount code - AUS5OFF - for 5% discount

Bookings Close 5pm Sunday.

We only shoot properties with confirmed bookings.
An aerial photo provides a unique perspective for your home or business, ideal for brochures
and websites or just to hang on the wall. Great Christmas gift idea.




2013 proved an interesting year for RS Net!

It saw the consolidation of the Cloud hosting network - admittedly with some shared frustrations on the way!

It has seen the development of the next version in php5, which is being introduced  currently 
to new projects and  recent upgrades.  What is special about it?  The latest technology among
other  things allows for meaningful URL's for page titles instead of the long numbers currently 
being used to identify the page.

A recently developed site using this technology is Look at the 
address bar as you look at different pages and you can see how much better that will be for SEO.

Pages that are unpublished or being worked on can now be hidden from search engines.

Keeping your web presence up to date!

Having your website as up to date as possible with text and images is so important to your 
visibility and position on the web. 
An effective website helps your business grow. It doesn't need a huge outlay every year as 
some advertising campaigns require, and it does work 24/7. 
If it looks tired, has old stock, it does not show your company as the vibrant entity it is.

Upgrade your site now! Only $495

For only $495, you will get a fixed width site, if not already there, updated modules, including 
the  all browser WYSIWYG which allows you to past directly from your word processor in 
Firefox, Chrome and IE.  You will be able to upload images between paragraphs.


What else happened in 2013?

The mobile version of our web software is being worked on and should be available by mid 2014. 
A future newsletter will let you know when.

And Oh Yes! 2013 saw the emergence of a much slimmer and fitter Merv - now a trim & trimmed 87kgs.

Can RS Net websites do this?

Remember, if you have  an idea and you don't think our current modules do what you want, RS Net can create it for you. 
Discuss it with one of the sales Reps and you can be sure RS Net will take action. 

Here are the contact details:

Merv Renton at RS Net 08 7324 3024

Margaret Renton 0408 022 420 or 73243024

Garry Hinitt 0419 641 322

Sean McLoughlin 0488 505 840

See you all in 2014!