RS Net Location Maps

RS Net location maps are a great way to interactively show your website visitors exactly how to get to your place of business.

RS Net has harnessed the power of **GoogleTM mapping to place your business location onto a Google map that can be shown from your website and used by a website visitor to learn exactly where you are and how to get there.

An icon with a text bubble marks your location on the map. The visitor can zoom in and out, pan (slide the map around) and even view the map alternately as a satellite photograph or road map as they identify where you are and how to get there.

Clients and visitors will be confident they can find you and are more likely to purchase your goods or services when they can easily find out where you are! This website Add-on will prove its worth!

For examples, see:

Kars Pastoral Company (See “Location Map” in Left Menu).

Kars listing in the Wiltipoll Association site (See Location Map for Kars Station)

T & C Joinery

Precision Ceramics

*We setup your Location Map and add it to your existing or new website.

As a bonus, we will also supply you with a web address to the map that you can send to a contact in an email or add to your email footer. This will let you send the map directly to anyone as a clickable link. You can use this as long as your map is active.

See below for the Location Map costing;

  1. $110.00 annually*

* There is a one of setup fee to install the Location Map on a NON RS Net web solution of $110.00.

** Map functions & map availability by Google, map popup & customer functions by RS Net