Website suggestions from RS Net - May 2013

The importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to your business

Graph of keyword phrases for one client in just 3 months.

How well is your site doing?

How well it is known on Google especially?
- Do you show up for your chosen keyword phrases for the first 100 entries?
- Would you like to know?

For just $75.00, until the end of the financial year, we will produce a one off report for you.

What do I need to do?
You know your business best - what 10 phrases do you want  to people find you by? 
Who are your chief competitors?

  • Email RS Net for a form.
  • List those 10 keyword phrases
  • Nominate 3 competitors to find out  how well they are doing using your keywords.

RS Net will then produce a one off site performance report to answer these questions.

What then?

Talk to us. RS Net has several options that will help lift your web presences. 




Here are 2 examples of SEO success stories for your interest.

Results such as those shown in the graph and the table don't happen overnight; 
nor can such great results be guaranteed, but steady work by RS Net and yourself can improve your results
and this your visibility to search engines and thus to clients.



If you can't see  that most of the figures in the table are no 1 positions, then click here, and you will be taken to a popup on our SEO webpage



Find images for your web site or shop to further illustrate your business.

Where do I find images for my website?

The Web is a Visual Medium and visitors expect images on your website.
Finding suitable photos for your web site is often a difficult task. Here are 3 suggestions

  • Take photos in and around your business.
  • If you are installing cupboards, floors, plumbing on sites, take a series of photos of your job progress.
  • Talk to your suppliers.

Still want more?

Then what about looking at free sources on the web. See
Stock Free Images is the largest web collection of FREE images, with 850,701 images,
royalty-free stock photos and illustrations. If you're a designer, advertiser, webmaster or blogger, check us out!
You can license free of charge any of our images to illustrate your projects, ads, stories...

All web sites need to be kept updated with fresh images, fresh text - another way for more search engines to find you.

And don't forget, always add annotations to images to give them relevance. Search engines read this hover text.

But what are annotations? - My images and WSYIWYGs don't show this feature


Annotations (hover text) lets you explain the relevance of your image to toiyr business. The wording is picked up by both search engines and sopken software for the sight handicapped


If you don't have this feature shown here, you may not have upgraded your web software for quite some time.

Ask RS Net about that!





Now, with all these ideas in mind, look at your site again critically!

  • Is it providing you the information you want your clients to get from your site?
  • Are you selling your site short by leaving old information on it?
  • Does the design reflect the energy and current direction of your business?
  • Have you looked at the Stats recently? Are the terms used by seachers then used by you to improve your site?
  • Do you feel confident in making changes or has your web administrator moved on?
  • Are you being found by Google?




Where can I find the answers to all of these questions?





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0408 022 420 

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Margaret and Merv



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The new fax no. is
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